About the Artist

Tracy Pennington of Madcap Mosaics creates fun, unique, practical and soulful glass mosaic art.

She began her art journey as a form of therapy and never looked back. 

Tracy was the recipient of the 2014 M.A. Hadley Prize for visual art.  That prize gave her the opportunity to spend a week studying under a mosaic master in Ravenna, Italy. 

Tracy is a juried artist on the Kentucky Arts Council‘s Teaching Artist Directory and Architectural Artist Directory.

Tracy's mosaic artwork can be seen at the Kore Gallery in Louisville, KY. Her glass mosaic murals can be seen at Our Lady of Peace Hospital (Louisville), Maryhurst (Louisville), Westport Road Kroger (Louisville), The Center for Women and Families (Louisville), and the Maker's Mark Distillery (Loretto, KY).

Artist Tracy Pennington

Artist Tracy Pennington

Artist Statement

Using color, texture, and pattern, I explore my inner world with tiny pieces of glass and tile, letting abstractions take form through feeling and intuition. My work emerges with personality, sometimes fun and lighthearted, sometimes soulful and unique, sometimes heavy and dark. Sometimes I am surprised by what takes shape even though it is being created by my own hands. My main goal in all of my art-making is to create inner connection—person with place, awareness with body, soul with soul. Whether it delights the senses, invites serious inner contemplation, raises questions or enters into the unconscious experience, my work is given as a gift from my soul to all of those who encounter it